Featured Jetters

#TeamJetlagged is excited to present their blog series: Featured Jetter!

Featured Jetter

A Featured Jetter is someone who either has diabetes/is involved in the diabetes world, or is a bike rider of some sort/is involved in the biking world, or both. While we started this blog to share our journey of raising $11k for the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in Death Valley, CA this October 2018 (donate here!), a blog only about us would be, well, kinda boring. In doing this ride, we wanted to connect with the wider diabetes and biking communities, and in doing this blog, we’ve decided we would like to raise up and highlight some amazing people doing wonderful work. Click on the images below to find out more about each Featured Jetter! Don’t forget to give us a shout on the contact page if you’d like to be featured.

TJ Featured Jetter - Marika.jpg

Featured Jetter - Lauren Mitchell, page

TJ Featured Jetter - Dorothy Mitchell

TJ Featured Jetter - Cazzy