Donate to cure Type 1 diabetes!

Since Courtney was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2015, she has wanted to ride in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)’s Ride to Cure Diabetes in the Death Valley, California location.

The first year she was diagnosed, well, it was her first year. There was a lot of learning and adjusting going on.

The second year, the Death Valley location wasn’t offered.

2018 is the year! Courtney and Broche have both registered for the Death Valley, California location, and we’re committed to raising $11,000 for diabetes research.

No donation is too small to help us reach this goal.

While we both have donation pages available through the JRDF site, we’ve decided to combine our marketing efforts and direct everyone to Courtney’s page. Though Broche does have a history of diabetes in her family, this is truly Courtney’s life and her cause; Broche’s along for the ride! At the end of the fundraising period, the money will be split between Courtney’s page and Broche’s page, so that with your help, both of us will be able to go.

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January 2018 Update