Happy Holidays! (aka a new bike)

Happy 2017 Holidays! This is the first post of the newly-announced #TeamJetlagged enterprise, in which we celebrate the fantastic adventures Broche and Courtney are having in their life together.

2018 Goal: Complete a century bicycle ride in the JDRF Ride for a Cure, at the Death Valley, CA location

That’s 100 miles in support of research to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Courtney was diagnosed as T1D as an adult, almost three years ago, and it has been her dream since then to do this ride. Unfortunately, the location wasn’t an option the last couple of years. It has been announced as a 2018 location (finally!), so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to be two of the 400 or so participants in that location’s ride.

In order to better facilitate our training, we decided Broche really needed a bike of her own to ride. She moved back from New Zealand with her prized Bern bike helmet (safety first!), but not a bike. It was time.

Left: Broche, Right: Courtney

Courtney planned a delightful date day in which we went to several bike shops around Raleigh, trying out different bikes for the right fit. One has to be a bit of a Goldilocks when bike shopping, and luckily, Courtney is exceedingly patient and also knowledgeable about bike fit.

Courtney loves her Specialized bike, despite that whole bike chain snapping-collar bone breaking incident of a couple years ago. For Broche, we ended up at Trek Bikes, where she finally found the bike for her. (Broche suspects this was all part of a greater plot to get her to like a Wisconsin-based company, as that’s where Courtney is from originally.)

Now we’re ready to ride!


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