Food & Hope Fundraising Event

On Saturday, March 24, #TeamJetlagged held our first live fundraiser!

Food & Hope

Thanks to Quail Ridge Books, six North Carolina-based cookbook authors, two dieticians, and the wonderful QRB customers, we raised over $600 for our Death Valley Ride to Cure Diabetes ride.

In the morning, we held two storytimes featuring books that had children with Type 1 Diabetes in them. Bridgette A. Lacy, local cookbook author, read books during the second storytime.

Then, in the afternoon, we had a group cookbook author event, complete with samples!

Wes Gelpi, our wonderful coach, was on hand to represent JDRF. He, along with cookbook authors Sandra Gutierrez, Kathy Hester, Bridgette A. Lacy, Nancie McDermott, Debbie Moose, Brigid Washington, and dieticians Shelly Wegman and Meg Mangan created a really fun event where people could try samples, chat about JDRF, and hear the #TeamJetlagged story.

We also created a Food & Hope cookbook booklet, which people were able to take home for a $10 donation. The booklet features recipes from all the cookbook authors mentioned above, dietician Shelly Wegman, and #TeamJetlagged, as well as one from cookbook authors Peter Reinhart, Jamie DeMent, and Sheri Castle.

Food & Hope Booklet

If you would like to donate for one, too, make a donation here and email teamjetlagged(at)gmail(dot)com with your address. We’ll send one out to you with our deepest thanks!

We cannot thank everyone enough for participating, for donating, and ultimately for support JDRF and our #TeamJetlagged Ride to Cure!


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